About us

MALE-ME is definitely something more than clothes for men – it is the fashion experience every day.

MALE-ME is the first of its kind original concept on the Polish market, which is based on dressing the modern, stylish man in a holistic way.

MALE-ME dresses confident guys who are constanly busy and want to always look good. We give fashion that does not overwhelm, and allows individual look.

MALE-ME collections are dedicated to confident men who are not looking for garments but for fashion – something new, fresh and surprising; something unique, that you won’t find anywhere else.

We emphasize that each product bearing the MALE-ME label is of the highest quality, which is why the whole production takes place in Poland (exactly in Lodz), and the materials that we use come from selected Polish producers, if necessary we import fabrics from Italy or Spain.

Focus on detail, surprising solutions and delivering new items with great frequency – all this makes the clothes MALE-ME just wants to have and wear!